Study examines the response strength training volume when using hand cooling compared to when not using hand cooling

Participants completed biweekly bench press or pull-up exercises for multiple successive weeks. Palm cooling was applied for 3 minutes between sets. The temperature of the cooling device was 15-16 degrees Celsius (59-61 degrees Fahrenheit). After 3 weeks of bench press training, palm cooling increased work volume by 40% vs. 13% without cooling.

Over 6 weeks of pull-up training, palm cooling increased work volume by 144% in pull-up experienced subjects vs. 5% without cooling. Pull-up volume in non-experienced participant improved by 80% with cooling vs. 20% without cooling.

This study demonstrates a strong relationship between cooling and improved training volume compared to non cooling. This effect was shown in both people new to exercise and those who were experienced. 

Read the full study here:

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