Yes! We have shipped our palm cooling device all over the world. Simply go through the purchasing sequence in our store and when you enter your address you will see the shipping options. We typically use UPS to ship internationally.

Yes! Always use your palm cooling device with water inside. The cool water in your device will allow it to stay cool for the greatest amount of time possible. The metal bar and the water work together to resist the change in temperature that the heat of your palm is dumping on to it. So, when you cool your device in the fridge, fill it with water first. Otherwise, you can just cool it by filling it with cool water. Remember, the ideal temperature for improving performance is between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 - 15.5 degrees Celsius)

We recommend using the palm cooling device anytime you will have at least 20-30 seconds of rest before you start your next rep, set, interval or effort. In the initial research a 3 minute rest break between sets to failure was often used. These studies showed significant improvements in performance. In our internal testing at AVA Cooling Tech using our device we are seeing 15-20% improvements in work volume when using 3 minute rest intervals. However, we are actually seeing 28-30% improvements when using shorter rest intervals of 60-90 seconds between efforts. When training our clients, we use the palm cooling device between sets or intervals anytime we have at least 20-30 seconds of rest before the next effort. During sporting events we recommend using the palm cooling device as much as possible during the event.

There are a few specific advantages that our patent pending, palm cooling device provides. 
-Our device is practical for use indoors or outside and anywhere you are training, practicing or competing. It’s simple design is both durable, packable and transportable. It can go anywhere you go and does not require any batteries, wires, tubes, gloves or mitts. 

-Our device allows for both hands to be cooled with one device! This is so important because you want to maximize how much surface area you are cooling. Other devices are only large enough to cool one hand and/or only cool a part of that hand.  This means you would need to buy multiple units of the competitor to do what one of our Anti-Fatigue Charge Bars does. 

-Our device can be re-cooled at a sink or fountain so you are not dependent on having a refrigerator. The ideal temperature of a palm cooling device is between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most water fountains and cold settings of tap water are set between 40 and 50 degrees so if you fill your device from a fountain it will be the perfect starting temperature. The other cooling devices on the market depend on being cooled externally by some type of refrigeration. Our device can be cooled internally by filling it with cool water. This is very important as no cooling device will hold it’s temperature forever. Our tool will stay in the 45-60 degree range for 45-60 minutes when used intermittently during a typical workout. If you feel the device getting too warm you can just refill it with cool water. The competing devices would need to be put back in a refrigerator to be recooled which is not practical to do during a workout or competition. 

-Our device is affordable! For less than a typical pair of running shoes, the Anti-Fatigue Charge Bar can be yours. Just think of the money spent on supplements, vibration guns, compression tights and the like in HOPES that they will provide the smallest amount of benefit. Meanwhile, palm cooling is SHOWN in peer reviewed research to provide benefits of 15-60% in terms of improved performance. The return on investment for palm cooling is incredible. 

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