Don't just take our word for it. Watch Dr. Andrew Huberman as he explains the science of how cooling can boost performance and recovery

Dr. Huberman of Stanford University explains the science of heating and cooling the body, a process called thermoregulation, and how to apply that knowledge to significantly improve physical performance.

He describes the three areas of our body that can remove heat (or bring heat into the body) faster than anywhere else, why that is so, and how proper cooling of these areas with specific protocols can allow people to perform 200-600% more volume and repetitions of resistance exercises at the same weight loads, or to run, cycle or swim significantly further. Also, he explains why the common practices of trying to heat up or cool the body via the torso or whole-body submersion in cold can be inefficient and/or dangerous-- and the better alternatives. The information in this episode is focused on mechanisms and tools for increasing athletic or exercise performance.

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