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AVA Cooling Technology

Anti-Fatigue (AF) Charge Bar

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Now with a thermometer that indicates the temperature of the device!

The Anti-Fatigue (AF) Charge Bar, patent pending, is a simple, practical way to fight off fatigue and improve performance using the palms of your hands. 

Research and reports are showing incredible improvements in work capacity, strength and endurance with the addition of palmar cooling to rest breaks during exercise. 

How does it work? As we exercise our body and muscle temperature increases. This increased temperature leads to a decrease in our ability to contract and also decreases our motivation to continue working. This is a protection mechanism to prevent overheating. However, during strength training or interval training we can use palm cooling to fight off this fatigue by cooling the blood circulating through our hands. 

What is so special about the palms of the hands? The palms are covered by glabrous skin. Glabrous skin is hairless and has an amazing network of veins and arteries underneath called arteriovenous anastomosis (AVAs). This special network is incredible at helping regulate temperature. 

How to use the AF Charge Bar (Patent Pending):

It is incredibly simple to use the AF Charge Bar. Prior to your workout, practice or competition be sure to cool your charge bar by sticking it in a refrigerator or refill it with cold water. The tool is designed with a certain type of metal and density that allows it to keep its temperature for up to an hour when filled with cool water. Ideally, the temperature of the AF Charge Bar is between 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 - 15.5 C) when being used. You can determine the temperature of the device by looking at the thermometer in the cap. The thermometer dips into the water inside the device which is what drives the temperature of the bar. 

To use the tool after it is cooled, simply hold the bar during rest periods. Rest periods could be between sets of strength training, while resting between intervals, during time outs or half time breaks or during breaks at practice. Anytime you've been exerting yourself and you want to keep your effort level higher for longer, hold your AF Charge Bar


Anodized aluminum, PVC (rubber end caps), metal thermometer with plastic dial, plastic safety cover for thermometer

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Weight: 2lbs

Length: 12 inches

Diameter: 2" 

Thermometer included in one end cap

Care Instructions

Sanitize/Cleaning. We recommend cleaining your device in between uses by different people. The device (metal cylinder) and its color should hold up to any cleaner of your choice. We also recommend hand cleaning the rubber end caps, inside and out, with warm water and soap weekly.

Do not squeeze the bar too hard.You do not want to limit blood flow through your palm, you simply want to cool and and have it circulate back through your body

Do not get the bar too cold.If you use the AF Charge Bar when it's too cold you could trigger your blood vessels to constrict. This is because you're sending a signal to your nervous system that you are too cold and it will want to take measures to heat you up. 

If your AF Charge Bar is getting too warm, just take off the cap and fill it with water from a water fountain or sink. The cool water will bring your bar back to a cool temperature rapidly. 

  • Increase Training Volume

    Improve Performance While Working Out / Training

  • Optimize Rest Breaks

    Delay The Onset of Fatigue When Playing Sports

  • Fall Asleep With More Ease

    After a Late Game of Workout, Decrease Arousal & Temperature

Recovery In The Palm Of Your Hands

Regulate body temperature efficiently with the Anti-Fatigue (AF) Charge Bar

  • Exercise or Compete

  • Palm Cool In-Between Sets or Exercise

  • Exercise or Compete

  • Palm Cool In-Between Sets or Exercise